Useful Information for prospective parents



  • The school year is divided into three terms of approximately twelve weeks each.
  • Отчеты о проделанной работе предоставляются один раз в семестр в конце каждого семестра,,en,сотрудники доступны для общения с родителями в любой день после школы,,en.
  • We operate an “open-door” policy, staff being available to talk to parents any afternoon after school.
  • Children bring a packed lunch to eat under supervision. Milk is supplied mid-morning, if desired.
  • Children wear a simple uniform which can be obtained locally.
  • Нажмите Вот for some tips on packed lunches. (Please note that Roxeth Mead is a nut free zone so kindly do not include nuts in your child’s school lunch box).