Curriculum Intent – At Roxeth Mead School our vision is to create a school which encourages its children to be successful learners, confident individuals and to achieve personal success. The building blocks of learning, which make up ROXETH are the foundations on which our curriculum is built. Our aim is that these elements run through every lesson, experience and opportunity.

Our curriculum allows / offers:

Respect – activities rooted in respect of others and our surroundings

Opportunity – that is ambitious and creates memorable moments, awe and wonder and joyful experiences for all

eXcellence – in all that we do including quality and attainment

Engaging activities that create enthusiasm and a joy of learning that will last life long

Transferable Skills – cultivating skills that can be applied in a range of contexts

Humour activities that enable fun and laughter


Curriculum Implementation – Staff plan and develop activities that build on prior learning. Progress from week to week, term to term and year to year should be clear and children should be able to talk about their learning in an age appropriate way. ما در برنامه درسی پایه پایه ابتدایی سال تحصیلی خودمان را دنبال می کنیم,,en,کلاس های پیش دبستانی و پذیرش,,en,این لینک برنامه آموزشی EYFS را توضیح می دهد,,en,Grid برنامه درسی سالهای اولیه,,en,توسعه در ماه,,en,در سالها,,en,ما برنامه درسی ملی را دنبال می کنیم,,en,این لینک، برنامه درسی ملی اولیه را توضیح می دهد,,en,راهنمای والدین در برنامه درسی ملی,,en,ستاره در حال افزایش است,,en گلخانه, Pre-School and Reception classes.

We have designed a progressive curriculum outlined here… ++ Roxeth Progressive Curriculum

These links explain the EYFS:

T-PAR-590-A-PROTS-GUIDE-TO-The-Statutory-Framework-برای سالها-مبتنی,en,TF-PA-1633970820 EYFS-Development-Matters-2020-with-checkpoints_ver_4,en


and the following link explains how children develop through it.



The weekly EYFS Topics are shown here… EYFS Year Plan – 2022-23

تجزیه آنچه انتظار می رود در اینجا نمایش داده شود,,en,مراحل توسعه و اهمیت موضوعات,,en Development Matters Statements Ages and Stages


Curriculum Impact – The impact of our curriculum shows in the outcomes of the pupils. They achieve highly for their age and show confidence and self-control in their social skills. They are eager to learn and have Cultural Capital ensuring they are well prepared for their next stage of education.

Assessment – ما شواهدی از موفقیت را در ورود به سیستم EY ثبت می کنیم,en. Click here for a parent Guide to the EY Log eyLog for Parents.

Our Curriculum Policy is here… RM Curriculum Policy Revised Jan 2021