History of Roxeth Mead School

Hebe Catherine Prior was widowed in 1855 at the age of 37. Her barrister husband, ג 'ון, was riding home from his chambers when he fell from his horse and hit his head. Two days later, he died. She had to find a way to support herself and her ten children, so she sold her home and bought Roxeth Mead, בית הגאורגית גדול הארו על הגבעה, שם ייסד בית ספר קטן.

Her pupils were mainly her own children and the children of masters of Harrow School. To this day, בית הספר עדיין מספרים בקרב התלמידים שלה אדונים הארו’ הילדים.

בית הספר פרחה ו, כמו גברת לפני התבגרנו, four of her daughters took over its organisation. The youngest, Florence (המכונה מיס פלו), retired in 1932. The school was fortunate enough to pass into the capable hands of Miss Nicholson (המכונה מיס ניק), who was its head until she died more than 30 שנים מאוחר יותר.

For some years the school was run by Mrs Eleanor Elgood, followed by Mrs Jean Vernon. Then, ב 1982, גברת Averil קולינס הפכה את הראש, פוסט החזיקה עבור 24 years. During her tenure, the school had to leave the premises that had been its home for 130 years. Harrow School came to the rescue, providing temporary accommodation for 3 years in its sixth form club.

In 1992, by a stroke of good fortune, the neighbouring property to the original house called Roxeth Mead, came onto the market and the school was able to buy Buckholt House, הבית הנוכחי.

Mrs Alison Isaacs became its new Head in 2006. Under her leadership, the school continued to flourish, שמירה על מסורות העבר תוך אימוץ התפתחויות חדשות מבט קדימה אל העתיד.

In the summer of 2018 the owners of the school sold it to Mrs Suzanne Goodwin and her two daughters Sarah Mackintosh and Claire Blunt. Together the trio now run the school. Mrs Goodwin has a long history of success in Independent Education, running The Hall School, Northwood, very successfully for many years. שרה מקינטוש הייתה מורה ראשי בבתי הספר העל -יסודיים וגם בבתי הספר היסודיים בסורי.,en,הוא מנכ"ל מצליח בינלאומי,en 15 years and Claire Blunt, who is in charge of the financial aspects of Roxeth Mead, is a successful CEO International.