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Девіз школи: ‘In Discendo Gaudium’ – Радість у навчанні

Зосереджені на принципах дитини в центрі передового досвіду та врахування інтересів всіх, Roxeth Мід визначає забезпечити широкий освітній досвід у вихованні обстановці, де індивідуальні якості цінуються, enabling pupils to grow in confidence and reach their full potential. The children are prepared for a successful, щасливою і здоровою майбутньому заснована на порядність, взаємного поваги і любов навчання.

Істотних цінностях Core: ‘Child-Centred Excellence’

Відносини: Great importance is placed on developing a sense of responsibility for oneself and others. We have a consistent approach in our school rules and routines that fosters co-operation and empathy and provides a safe and happy community where all feel able to work together.

Інклюзивність: Ми дуже інклюзивні у нашому підході до всіх аспектів повсякденного життя,en. Fairness and equality of opportunity are central to our ethos and each child is valued for his or her individual effort and contribution.

Перевага: Combined with the principle of inclusiveness is a commitment to excellence. We believe in recognising each child’s abilities and talents fostering a pride in achievement. Engendering an enduring enthusiasm to learn is paramount and the pursuit of excellence is perceived as an enjoyable experience.

Спільнота: Тісні робочі відносини розвиваються з учнями та їх батьками, щоб освітній досвід може бути ефективного партнерства між школою та будинком.

Sprituality: We are proud of our Christian heritage whilst embracing the religious and cultural differences of all children and parents who are part of our community. We celebrate and respect diversity.

In preparing Roxeth Mead children for a happy and successful future, we aim:

1. to provide the highest standards of teaching for every child in our care.

2. to provide a stimulating, supportive environment which encompasses all aspects of the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development equipping them with a set of positive values that will remain with them throughout their lives.

3. to foster a sense of ambitious direction and independence that engenders a life long love of learning.

4. to encourage self discipline, adaptability, flexibility and self reliance, which are vital components in the process of achieving success, enabling them to meet the demands and challenges at the next stage of their education with confidence and good humour.

5. to develop each child’s self esteem and potential through a breadth of educational experience.

6. to demonstrate the importance of working together through mutual respect.

7. to foster a sense of belonging within a community where each person is recognised for his or herself, where all are working together to form warm and happy relationships.

8. to nurture a sense of responsibility within our own school environment and the wider community.

9. to maintain an environment where children are happy, healthy and safe.

10. to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for all who live and work in our school community.