Регистрационна форма

If you wish to register your child, Моля попълнете формуляра за регистрация, който можете да изтеглите, като кликнете тук,,en,трябва да завършите,,en,приемна опаковка,,en,• Подпишете формуляр за съгласие за фотографията,,en – Prospectus Insert – Registration Info & Form.docx. Please return it to the Headteacher together with a cheque for £75.00.

To: Roxeth Мийд училище,
Buckholt къща,
25 Среден път,
Harrow на хълма,
HA2 OHW. Email: info@roxethmead.com



Once you have registered and your child has been assessed, you need to complete the admissions pack:

• Complete the Admissions Form Admissions Form Roxeth Mead.docx
• Read the Terms and Conditions Terms & Conditions
• Sign the Acceptance Form Entrance Acceptance Form.docx
• Sign the Photographic Consent Form Photographic Images of Children Consent Form Roxeth Mead.docx

Return with
• £500 deposit
• Your child’s birth certificate or passport as proof of date of birth
• Passport sized recent photograph of your child, with name on the back
• Any supporting documentation e.g. Educational Care and Health Plan, any other Special Educational Needs, previous nursery reports etc..

Uniform List 2023-24