与父母的沟通很重要,en,我们每天通过Eylog进行交流,en,父母在哪里看到,en,相片,en,他们的孩子从事一天的有趣活动,en,我们还将通过电子邮件发送信件和信息,en,此外,en,我们在每个半学期结束时发布新闻通讯,en,因此,父母可以获得所有班级中正在发生的事情的味道,en,以及我们发布其他消息的位置,en,请单击此处查看我们的最新新闻通讯,en. We communicate daily through the EYLog, where parents will see photos of their child engaging in the fun activities of the day. We will also send letters and information via email.

In addition, we publish a newsletter at the end of each half term, so parents can get a flavour of what is happening across all classes in the 托儿所 and where we publish other messages.

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