Working From Home

Remote Learning Policy Roxeth January 2021

Working from Home – خلال جائحة COVID ، نبذل قصارى جهدنا لتزويد الوالدين بالعمل المناسب للحفاظ على تعليم الأطفال بينما نحن في حالة إغلاق.,,en,موضوع الديناصورات لتلاميذنا الصغار انقر هنا,,en,موضوع الفضاء لتلاميذنا الصغار انقر هنا,,en. We have emailed a lot of suggestions to you, but have decided to collate all this information in one place, here, to make it easier for you. If you have any questions at any time, email us at

موقع Hungry Little Minds,,en,موضوع الفضاء لتلاميذنا الصغار w.b,,en,الفراغ,,en,الفضاء موضوع مصنف EYFS,,en,موضوع القرصان لتلاميذنا الصغار w.b,,en,قراصنة,,en,مصنف الرياضيات,,en,عدد السندات,,en,دفتر العمل,,en,أرقام ل,,en,كتيب النشاط,,en,مصنف الأشكال,,en,أنشطة يوم VE,,en,أنشطة VE,,en,الأنشطة القائمة على الكتب الشعبية التي ربما تكون لديك في المنزل,,en

Circus Topic w.b.20.04.2020 – A popular topic, particularly tailored for our younger pupils. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Topic for our Younger Pupils Click here… Dinosaurs

Space Topic for our Younger Pupils Click here… Space

Space Theme Workbook EYFS

Pirate Topic for our Younger Pupils w.b. 11.05.2020 Click here…. Pirates

Maths Workbook

Number Bonds to 10 Workbook

Numbers to 10 Activity Booklet

Shapes workbook

VE Day activities. Click here… VE Activities

Activities based on popular books that you probably have at home

How to Support your Child with Home Learning

Websites for online learning

Online Safety During School Closures

Coping Calendar

20 Books in 2020

The Maths Factor

Read Write Inc Phonics Videos

Sharing the love of Reading

Joe Wicks Workout

Tumble Tots links

Fun ideas to try with kids at home

Handwriting Script


Letter formation work book

Number formation workbook

High Frequency word handwriting

Early Reading Comprehension Activity

Phase 2 Phonics activity booklet

Phase 2 Phonics Tricky word activity booklet

Phase 3 Phonics activity booklet

Phase 4 Phonics activity booklet

Phase 5 Phonics Activity Booklet





Easter Egg pencil control

CVC word activity booklet

CVC and CCVC worksheet


Year 1 Activities


Other Helpful Sites:

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Maths – White Rose